Dr. Oulkadi

Dr. Jaouad Oulkadi is considered one of the best international experts in aesthetic medicine. He has a long academic and professional career; he is used as a reference point in the aesthetic field because of the radiofrequency technique he uses, better known as a “non surgical lifting”. He is a medical doctor that specializes in Occupational Medicine in the Costal del Sol hospital. He has worked in the most prestigious aesthetic centres in Spain, combining its medical work with the academic one. He has attended numerous national and international courses, conferences and congresses, not only related with the aesthetic sector, but the ones aiming education for health. Dr. Oulkadi holds a degree in Medicine by the University of Granada. He is an international and national medical trainer of the radiofrequency dual Rf ContrAge of Intermedic. He is an expert in facial and corporal non-surgical rejuvenation, and he is also a dietary practitioner in the Pronokal protein diet. Dr. Jaouad Oulkadi is a member of the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, member of the Association of Aesthetic Medicine of Málaga and Medical Doctor authorized to practise aesthetic medicine by the Málaga Medical School.

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